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ITQ Evaluation Passed!

Cisco started months ago an organizational change in its Academy program. It is called the “Academy Evolution”. With this new model, Cisco seeks high quality academies and an improved student experience. Regarding to the academies, the most important change is the appearance of new roles, more focused on support, instructor training, together with traditional student academies.

Related to instructors, those academies interested on training instructors must have al least two instructors that have successfully passed the ITQ process.

This process was carried out in Madrid, at the offices of Cenec last December. The evaluation took one day and it was made up of a battery of probes based on technical and presentation skills. The Cisco objective was clear, find the most prepared instructors for all related aspects of training. It was a long day, plenty of tests but at the end it worth it, I met interesting people and I could test myself when working under pressure.

Finally today I received the passing score. Another milestone accomplished!

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