Cisco trick recovery password

There is a easy way to get the plain text password from an encrypted one. We just need the router itself.

For example, create an username with its corresponding encrypted password:

C891(config)#username ipstorming password oops!
C891(config)#do sh run | i username ipstorming
username ipstorming password 7 104106091656

Now we only need to create a key chain with theabove encrypted key string:

C891(config)#key chain WANT_MY_PASSWORD_BACK
C891(config-keychain)#key 1
C891(config-keychain-key)#key-string 7 104106091656

Do not forget to explicilty set the 7 for encripted passwords!

And here comes the magic! 🙂

C891(config-keychain-key)#do sh key chain WANT_MY_PASSWORD_BACK
key 1 -- text "oops!"
        accept lifetime (always valid) - (always valid) [valid now]
        send lifetime (always valid) - (always valid) [valid now]


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