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Cisco ISE Security TACACS+

CISCO ISE: TACACS+ Configuration

Beyond the well known RADIUS service, Cisco ISE includes a module for performing TACACS+ authentication, authorization and accounting. Take into account that TACACS+ operation consumes appliance resources that might be necessary for RADIUS purposes so, depending on the size…

Cisco ISE Security

Cisco ISE: 802.1x AP Authentication

Following my previous ISE post on phones authentication using EAP-TLS, in this new post I’ll show you how to quickly configure the access points for 802.1x authC. This require some specific configurations: They need to enable EAP-FAST as authentication…

Cisco ISE Security

Cisco ISE: IP Phones and EAP-TLS Authentication

In this post I’m gonna show you the steps for authenticating your IP phones using 802.1x and certificates. I encourage you reading the “IP Telephony for 802.1X Design Guide” before for a better understanding. Let’s start with some background…

AMP Cisco Security

AMP For Endpoints: Running IoC Scans

One cool feature included in AMP4E is the capability of running IoC scans. Once you’ve rolled out the connector among the users’ computers you just need to upload the IoC files to your AMP4E dashboard and then choose whether…

AMP Cisco Security

AMP for Endpoints: Configuration Basics

Setting up AMP for endpoints is pretty straightforward as most of the configuration is already in place and administrators just need to fine tune those parameters that best fit into their organizations. The configuration fundamentals are: Exclusions. Application Control Whitelisting.…


Palo Alto or Checkpoint

Here is a few funny videos from Palo Alto showing why their firewalls are better than Checkpoint’s. Of course this is not an independent comparison, but can help to gather information for any of those looking for differences between…


Man-In-The-Middle. A practical case.

Hi there, Today I am going to show you how insecure our homes and certain enterprises LANs are. The basics of this issue is to perform a Man-In-The-Middle attack, just together with SSL sniffing, so we can just see…