Cisco Routing & Switching

Base Topology

Because one of the main purposes of this blog is to present and explain network protocols, I decided to create a new topology as a base topology for the followings posts.

Although I use the INE topology for my CCIE studies, I prefered to make another different. Easier to understand and quicker to configure when facing with examples. The concepts behind it are similar, a Frame relay switch for practicing frame relay exercices, redundants links with different speeds between routers to achieve multiple paths that brings me a lot of game when playing with routing protocols, redistribution… In addition I selected the major network as ip address space for posterior subnetting.

For switching I will set up another new topology that I will show you later. At the moment I will focus on routing and the big family of protocols that make it possible.

As you may guessed, I will use GNS3 as network emulator. The platform selected is the well known C3725 with the adventerprisek9-mz.124-15.T5  IOS version which provides all the caracteristics we need.

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